Waxing FAQ'S

Which Wax do you use for Hollywoods, Brazilians and Bikini Waxing?

I only using Hot wax. (Don't be put off by the word HOT - it's only warm!). You will never see me take off wax on your bits and bobs with paper strips! OUCH! Perron Rigot and Lycon are the most high grade and expensive waxes to ensure a perfect wax every time.

How long should I leave between wax treatments?

4-6 weeks but it depends on the individual.

Do I need to take my underwear off?

If you are having a Brazilian/Hollywood/ G-String wax, you will need to remove underwear, so that I can get to the area without faffing about and decorating your undies with wax!
If you are having a bikini line please wear a thong or I can supply paper ones.

Do I need to trim?

No, there's no need. Leave it to me. That way it won't be trimmed too short.

What if I'm on my period?
If you can use a tampon then it's no problem at all to me and makes no difference to the treatment.

I have piercings. Can you still do the wax?

Yes. It's easier if you can remove them, but if you can't, I can work round them.

I have ingrown hairs. My previous waxer just leaves them. What do you do?

I will always ask you if you mind if I remove them, then I will remove them all.

Is there anything I shouldn't do after a wax?

Avoid sunbathing or sun beds for 24 hours after or before a wax. This also applies to self tanning treatments on the same day. Wait at least 24 hours after your waxing.

Avoid heat treatments such as saunas, Jacuzzis and hot baths. Avoid swimming for 24hrs as chlorine stings!

Avoid perfumed products should not be used on the waxed area for 24hrs.

Is there anything I should do in between wax treatments?

You should exfoliate with a body exfoliating scrub or a bath sponge and moisturise the skin, this will keep the skin soft and smooth which will make waxing easier as it will encourage hairs to grow through properly avoiding any ingrown hairs.


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