Intimate Waxing

I am a Professional Expert Intimate Waxer with years of experience and you can have absolute confidence in your treatment every time!

  I use the top 2 Waxes in the UK - and  

for all sensitive and intimate waxing!

~ I trained with the UK's No.1 Wax Trainer, Kim Lawless for Brazilians and Hollywoods in Chelmsford!

~ I also trained with Lycon so I can guarantee that you will happily return for your waxing!

~ I will NEVER wax your 'delicate' areas with paper strips! OUCH!

~ I am a Nurse and have worked on both Gynaecology and Maternity wards, so I can assure you that there is nothing that I haven't seen before and nothing that bothers me in the slightest!


Feedback from this weeks clients:

"The thorough consultation before my wax put me at ease!"

"Worth the 2 hour round trip!"

"I love that your so professional and caring - it must be the Nurse in you!".

...and I haven't lost a client yet! :)

Please note I don't do any Face Waxing, Arm or Leg waxing anymore as I specialise in Intimate Waxing.

Trust Me! I'm a True Professional!

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